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MoneyOwl WiseSaver: A Viable Alternative To SSBs?

MoneyOwl recently announced their new WiseSaver portfolio.

It provides you with an alternative to “earn higher returns with the added flexibility and liquidity to withdraw your funds whenever you need them”.

Is this cash savings plan worth your consideration? Here’s my review of what it offers.

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NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease Review

NTUC Income recently released the Gro Capital Ease plan, which is a 2 year endowment plan.

Short term endowment plans are becoming more common, and in the current climate of low interest rates, they do offer an interesting option to park your emergency funds in.

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Interview With @catchthatmoney

This is the start of a new interview series with the creators of blogs and Instagram accounts that I came across.

All of us have different points of views on personal finance, so I thought it would be interesting to compile everything together.

Hope you enjoy it and do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the series!

While scrolling through Instagram, I chanced upon an account that has the similar goal as me, to spread the word about personal finance to other millennials.

Today, I’ve invited Yew Sheng, the creator of @catchthatmoney to share some of his personal finance tips with us.

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SC JumpStart: 3 Alternatives You Can Consider

The Standard Chartered JumpStart Account was a dream come true for students like myself.

Getting 2% on the first $20k with no minimum daily balance or any other requirements? Sign me up!

Unfortunately, the inevitable happened given the current climate of low interest rates.

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